Luke Wagner is an Americana singer/songwriter based out of central Florida and constantly expanding his radius for shows. His influences are an eclectic bundle, ranging from pre-WWII folk and bluegrass standards to 60's and 70's songwriters such as John Prine, Kris Kristofferson, and Jackson Browne. His goal as a songwriter is to give his listeners the framework of American life, with just enough guidance to fill in the details for themselves. Luke's songwriting is a mixture between poetic metaphors and straightforward conversations supported by either a solo acoustic guitar or a fun high energy band backing him up. Currently working on his first full length album, Walking Through Oz, Luke's songs represent the changes, the challenges and the resolutions of life in fun, ironic, and satirical storytelling. 

Americana is certainly an appropriate class for Luke's music for its broad range of sounds and influences. Luke's father made a career in the United States Air Force and it kept the family moving. Being born is Cocoa Beach, FL (Patrick Air Force Base) in 1990, then moving to Alaska at the age of 2, then Utah by 9, and Georgia by age 15, Luke was able to look at the entire country as his home and it is often reflected in his music. The stories he tells in his songs are ones that could easily be set in any location in the United States. 

Luke's musical career is one that is really just beginning, he didn't start writing until after college, when the honesty of life started setting in. Luke packed up a couple bags and moved to Orlando and within a few months began performing at an open mic at a place called the Brewery Barrel Bar in a tourist attraction called Old Town in Kissimmee. After a few months of being the only person at the open mic Mondays, the bar manager gave Luke his first real gig, then another the next month until every Friday night, Luke was performing for tourist from all over the world, right in that bar. Now, Luke has a slew of venues under his belt - local breweries, respected clubs, and even a few stages of different Florida music festivals! 

Looking onward into the future, Luke wants to continue bringing his music to people from all over. Whether it a solo show, a duo with his good friend and drummer, David Oltman, or a full band. Luke needs your help to be able to bring you what you're missing from music! Sign up for the official Luke Wagner Mailing List and head on over to his Facebook page ( to keep in touch with him directly! Like and share his info and spread it like VD!